Top 5 Regrets of the Dying

By: Bronnie Ware - Read: May 16, 2021 - Rating: 6/10

The author, who has been a palliative care nurse for many years, shares what she's learned about life from the most common regrets of her dying patients.

The regrets are a good reminder for everyone - although they aren't anything unexpected.

My Notes


Bronnie talks about not checking the time at all when she can/not living on a timed schedule. This seems very nice. Also she lived on an island and was completely in her own world there. This seems like a nice and simple way to experience life, not having cares.

There are lots of lonely people, who are sad because no one understands them. I want to be there/willing to talk to everyone and open.

People regret not staying true to themselves/living for someone else

People regret working too hard and getting lost in things that don't actually matter

People regret not expressing how they actually feel

People often regret not staying in touch with their friends → don't take friends for granted

Loneliness is a big thing that many people experience which is something to address

Staying in touch with friends is a high priority/spending time with them

Doing gratitude every day is very valuable

"Anything can be done with the right networks of people and by linking them together"